Ritual Love


I am a very ritualistic person. I don’t know if it’s my Catholic upbringing that followed me well into adulthood or what, but there are certain things I do that require certain rituals. Thankfully, none of them dictate that I sit through a boring homily or confess my bawdy sins to a flesh and blood man anymore. Nowadays it’s more of a ‘I need tea to do this’ variety.

I’ve discovered something. People like to shop online in the middle of the night. Do you? Is it like a secret society or something? Cause I had no idea people do this! I wake up in the morning and I have two or three sales notifications from Etsy that came through at like 4am EST. It’s like midnight snacking or sleepwalking, isn’t it? Keep up that twilight shopping, folks! I’m not complaining.

So when I get up in the morning, make my older kids’ lunches and see them out the door, I put on my tea and get started with my orders while my toddler continues his sleep. I cannot, cannot do it without my tea. Join the club! You might be saying. We all need our morning caffeine fix! 

…except I use decaf. ::hangs head in shame::

I’m Jesse Spano on caffeine, y’all. Even just a little bit. This summer when my parents visited us from Texas (home), my daughters and I took my mom out to a fancy afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday. I got a little carried away and drank two whole kettles of tea over the course of our tea time, and guess what? I completely forgot to order decaf. When all that caffeine hit me an hour or so later I was THE hottest mess. My heart was beating out of my chest. I was anxious. I thought I was going to die.

So, no. It’s not about the caffeine for me. It’s about the joy of a ritual. It’s about the warmth and the mug of the day, and the memories of all the teas I’ve ever shared with my girls and my mom and friends.

Do you have a ritual associated with blogging or business? And what is your favorite tea or coffee?

21 thoughts on “Ritual Love

  1. Coffee is definitely my jam and I absolutely need my caffeine. As far as rituals go, I am completely lost when I don’t have my planner with me at work. I seriously cannot function properly without it sitting on my desk next to my monitor. Every morning I when get to my desk, I pop open my planner and start listing my daily tasks then grab a cup of coffee before I begin my working.

    P.S. What’s your email address? I tried responding to your comment but I got a bounce back saying theliteratorium@gmail.com doesn’t exist anymore.


  2. nlampert says:

    I’m an Earl Grey tea junkie. I quit coffee because it makes me feel terrible, but for some reason I can drink caffeinated tea no problem. I don’t have many rituals since my schedule is always changing but my morning cup of tea is essential.


    • Earl Grey…that is one flavor I haven’t acquired a taste for yet! Coffee makes me feel terrible as well, though I do enjoy the taste of it very much. Probably cause it’s doused in cream and sugar. Ha!


  3. Chrissy Z. @ The Brave Wanderer says:

    Coffee? Yes!! Totally need a cup in the morning to function.
    I do stick to certain rituals in almost everything I do, otherwise I’d be in over my head.


  4. Coffee is my go-to, but I LOVE hot cup of tea before bed during the winter. I don’t really have a ritual concerning blogging or my Etsy shop, other than turning on my favorite show on Netflix to listen to while I work. 🙂


  5. This is totally embarrassing but for a while when I struggled to get the motivation to write a blog post (when I was still posting before I launched, building up an archive) I would wear my Batman mask because it made me feel powerful 🙈😅😂 That’s the closest thing to a ritual that I had.


  6. Christine says:

    Coffee is my thing! I need that first thing in the morning to get me going and to enjoy the morning. I also always have a cup of coffee when I start working.


  7. I love coffee in the morning else I will not be able to think or function properly. I do like to stick to my planner and also my reminder list on the iPhone to keep things running.


  8. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    Yup I pretty much have a list of stuff I do every morning once I log on to my computer. It’s comforting to know exactly what I need to do every day so I rarely deviate from it. if anything, I’ll add new things to the list after all the usual stuff is done. And I love South American coffees! Colombian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, you name it.


    • Mmm…I love regular breakfast blends (is that Columbian?), and I don’t think I would know the difference between all the different regions. I should probably venture a little more but still do decaf, of course. Haha.


  9. Jenny says:

    I don’t have a ritual really, I’ve actually been trying to wean myself off of caffeine haha. So far it’s been unsuccessful.


  10. Kristin Cook says:

    I definitely enjoy lots of coffee with my blogging! I also really enjoy getting up early to work on it! I guess that is sort of my ritual.

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