Love On Your Neck

imageNecks are so sexy. They protect important things like our upper vertebrae, thyroid, jugular vein, larynx, etc.; hold up our head; and protect nerves that carry info from our brain to the rest of our body. Despite how important they are for the normal function of our bodies, can we just appreciate their aesthetic b for a moment?  I mean, how lucky are those damn giraffes with their gargantuan yet slender necks and long, pretty eyelashes?

Necks can be a real pain too. The wrong pillow, bad posture or an unfortunate case of whiplash can cause us inordinate neck suffering. It’s important we appreciate and take good care of them as not to take them for granted.

Why not give our necks some extra lovin’ by adorning them with all the pretty things? With the comeback of chokers a la 1990s, this is the perfect time to do just that!

I mean, that gives us humans one up against those neck-y giraffes. Ha!

What was your favorite 90s fashion trend?

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18 thoughts on “Love On Your Neck

  1. Kristin Cook says:

    Lol. I was never a big choker fan, but this one is pretty cute! Hmmm… I honestly don’t know what my favorite trend was in the 90s, but I do know they were awesome! haha


  2. Sheryl says:

    I have such a short, thick neck that there aren’t that many chokers that look right on me – and don’t feel like they are choking me… Nonetheless, I did wear them in the 90s. I need to think about my favorite trend. I always wanted to be one of the girls on 90210 so I did have some outfits representative of the show… (ugh)


  3. I always loved chokers so I was so excited to see them come back! I’m building up my choker collection again. 🙂


  4. loveyoumoretoo says:

    I loved them in high school, and I can’t bring myself to wear it again. It looks great on everyone,but I am nervous to take the plunge.


  5. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    I love the chokers! So happy they’re back! Hmmm my favorite 90s trend was the high-waisted shorts with a t-shirt tucked in with a belt. I love wearing that in summer. Now all I need is a hat, a-la Blossom!


  6. fabinfayette says:

    I loved chokers back then, and I still love them now! Back before they blew up this year, I was going to buy one, but I put it back. I need to go back and buy it!


  7. Hahhaha, oh man. When were overalls cool? I loved overalls. And especially those overalls that were actually a skirt!


  8. Charlotte says:

    Total child of the 90s here.. well, really child of the 80s but I lived for 90s fashions 🙂 And this necklace is gorgeous–looks beautiful on you!


    • Thank you, Charlotte! 80s baby here too, but middle and high school in the 90s. I have very fond memories of the 90s, and to look back on old photos and laugh at our fashion…too much fun!


  9. Mrs. AOK says:

    Love this!! My 2000’s baby purchased a pack of chokers a few months ago. Isn’t it funny how it’s all coming back? I swear our moms probably said that…. and now I feel old.


    • Don’t you wish you would have held on to some of that stuff? I guess there is no way of knowing exactly will come back and what sort of spin will be put on it.

      And don’t feel old, you spring chicken! 😉 #finelikewine and #likefinewine


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