My Own Happy Hour


On Wednesday I decided to forget about the basket of clean laundry hiding in my closet for the past four days as well as all the other unattended things in my house. Even though I am a homemaker above everything else I do, am I not allowed to take off days or at least make my own version of happy hour just like every other kind of worker? After my son weans I am investing in a flask for my nature walks. Ha! How’s that for happy hour? (I kid.)

October was a busy month for my Etsy shop. On top of that my husband was out-of-state and I was incredibly busy driving my oldest two kiddos to-and-fro and taking care of the littlest one. I rarely got a moment to sit and breathe and be present in my surroundings. And even though part of me feels invigorated by October’s sales and I literally want to stay up all night to make all the things, I also feel the need to sloooow down—especially since I’m still not sleeping through the night cause my son is still a mega-nurser. I’m deciding to listen to my body when it says ‘take it easy.’

So how could I choose laundry over the sight of these vibrant colors and the musky smell of damp, fallen leaves? I love, love, love trees more than I’ve ever loved a beach, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve lived in Hawaii. Kinda makes me sad though that I’m such a forest nymph while the rest of my family is a school of fishies. They love the water. Maybe I was an owl in my past life. Or a monkey. (Yeah, owl sounds better.)

Anyway, my backyard is literally a state park so I decided to take a hike with my son. I’ve adopted it as our own little happy hour.

Enjoy the pics!


What is your own version of happy hour?

10 thoughts on “My Own Happy Hour

  1. What a gorgeous place! I love all the colors in the leaves – definitely something you don’t get to see here on Guam. And I’m totally with you on the flask! Lol.


    • I think it’s gorgeous too! It’s a different sight than what I’ve seen between Texas and Hawaii. It takes me back to some of the awesome places I lived when I was younger. 🙂

      Cheers to lushed out nature walks! haha


  2. Amelia says:

    I love reading and listening to audiobooks. I this could be classed as work considering I’m a writer but, I love to take an hour off before I start writing to be taken to another world for an hour. This is my version of happy hour. 🙂


    • Those are pretty relaxing too—even if you are a writer :). I do some freelancing as well and love to read for relaxation. Actually, the act of making jewelry (which is mostly my bread & butter) is relaxing to me too. It almost feels like meditation!


  3. Cate says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I take a day to myself too! Usually it’s on Sundays or Mondays when my husband is off work!

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  4. This is gorgeous. I love happy hours like this. Although, to be honest, I’m about to go have another type of happy hour! HAPPY FRIDAY!


  5. Sheryl says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning – and yes, you need to take time off to enjoy. I love hearing others state they are listening to their bodies. More of us need to do that. Someday my friend, you are going to get that flask – and a bottle of wine!! Here’s to a great weekend. The temps are going to be a little cooler here, I hope they are there also.


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