10 Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

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Our muse goes missing. Inspiration seems elusive. Creative blocks are burgeoning. However you wish to describe it, we’ve all experienced those creative slumps. And it does not matter what your niche is, a lack of inspiration and ideas can be pretty frustrating  when you’re  trying to write a book, run a blog or business, or enjoy a hobby.

So should you let the slump run its course or should you catch up to it and show it who’s boss? Do you have your running shoes on? Good. Leggo…

Here are 10 ideas to get you back in the creative spirit:

  1. Spend a day at a museum. Any museum. Other people’s brilliance and ingenuity will remind you how amazing human creativity is. It is a gift within all of us.
  2. Go to an open mic event at a local coffee shop. Buy yourself a treat, relax and enjoy the beauty of others’ thoughts, ideas and delivery.
  3. Take an art or how-to class. Choose one that is outside of your current niche.
  4. Go to a play or musical. It does not matter if it’s a Broadway production or a local community college production. Just marvel at the pro.duct.ion.
  5. Attend a cultural event. Preferably one outside of your own. You will have fun learning the intricacies of a culture you’ve yet to become intimate with.
  6. Watch any movie by Laika Entertainment. The stop-motion animation studio never ever disappoints. Their creativity, attention to detail, resolve (imagine the patience it takes to partake in stop-motion animation) is astounding!
  7. Attend a writer’s group meeting. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, writing and sharing ideas with observant and thoughtful people (cause that’s what we are ;-)) gets the wheels turning.
  8. Go to a costume party. They’re not just reserved for Halloween! You can attend Cosplay, a Renaissance fair or Victorian era party, Diner en Blanc, etc. Anything that forces you to play dress up.
  9. Upcycle/repurpose something. Make it a project to find something cheap or free from a yard sale or thrift store. Repaint and repurpose it.
  10. Go to a bar or winery. Take your notebook of bright ideas with you. Lord knows all we need sometimes is a little liquid courage to get past our inner critic. Enjoy!

Which one of these would you choose first? Also, name something you would add to the list!

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21 thoughts on “10 Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

  1. Aww, I have missed you and your posts, my dear. These are all excellent tips, but I’m partial to #10. Gimme all the wine! 😉 I’ll definitely end up with some creative, entertaining content, hehe. xo


  2. I love the idea of the art or how-to class! This past year, I’ve been reading my way through K.M. Weiland’s Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration. It helped pick me up whenever I hit a rough spot in my novel and really encouraged me when I was struggling, because I knew I was not crazy and not alone in temporary writer’s slump. It’s a fabulous book, if you ever want to check it out!

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  3. Spending time at a museum, going to an art class, or re-purposing something would definitely be my go-tos! Those are fun things to do anyway! 🙂

    I also love the idea of just hanging out in a coffee shop for a day. There’s just something about being in that type of atmosphere…a bunch of other creatives huddled over their computers working…people busy bustling around you in the hubub. I love that ambiance!

    Good thoughts, Shelly!


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