The Creator

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I am Shelly, owner of Revel Designs by Shelly. I am a mom of three, wife and friend to many.

My interests include writing (I organize a local writer’s group), reading (American Lit is my fave. I majored in English!), spending time in nature, visiting historical landmarks, daydreaming about living in Europe again, dancing, being gluttonous with friends by eating cheese + drinking wine + laughing, and a lot more.

My family of five is everything, of course.

I was born in Arizona and have lived in Virginia (twice), Colorado, Washington, Germany, Texas, Hawaii and now Maryland. I consider Texas home, though, as that is where I lived the longest and came of age. My ultimate goal is to live in Europe again before I die. I’ll settle for Texas too, but I am in no rush to get back :).

I’m pleased to meet you.